List of potential names for your child
Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Stophig Aylmeritomy - Sophie Aylmer with the high pitched voice
ChunkyMonk - Matt Goodwin singing genius
Shifty / ShyamBlam - Shyam "brown boy" Bhatt
CrazyHorse- Nicky Chappell G1!
Chizzel/ ChizBiz - Chrisi Whitehead (My D of E dudette)
Dodo- Jo "short for Joanna not Josephine" Walker
Kinky/ Kinks- Katie Kenyon ie The one wot acts
Foster - Kind of self explanatory right?
Beth Job- Beth Jones, and yes we'v had the jokes about BJ's
Spangus/ Fathead- Angus, duh
Keithy Smudge- Keith .... Smudge lol
Hicksy Choo- Hickson comma Ben
Razmataz- aka Raz aka Andrew R - not sure how to spell last name so shall leave it.
DP / Deepy Cheep - DP , Dan .... erm.... might be completely wrong, dont laugh, is it Paul?
Johnny Boy- John Mclaughlin (Or John McGlock lol)
Hollis- Hollie Howe the one and only lol
Diggle- Diggle the Ryan. (dont ask, i just put it ok?)
Katrine (Bean)- Swifto. More commonly known as Katie
Chreesh/Beans/ Chreeshy Bean- Beany! Lol, as if anyone doesnt know Stine! (Pronounced Steeeen)
Henna- Helen "I can run for ages without getting tired" Palmer
Robeeeeeeee- Rosie the Griffin lol original
Pinky/Green Bean- Greenie, and no i dont know how i got pinky at all. lol we'r "pinky and the fool"
Lemming- Emily "Speedy Gonzales" MacD aka Smelly Mac :P
Wardy- Duh
JimJames- Jim / James/ Stinky/ SLeepy ... whatever you call him bless him
Lima Bean - Hannah Wright - dont be fooled this ones a lil devil.
Jegs- Jessica rabbit with the oh so blessable nature
Scanlers - Becky Scanlon - also another one wot acts
Stridey- A Stride. lol that spells astride. Jesus she kicks ass too.
Captain SmooshMoose- Mr Will Cassar / Kazaa etc. He likes to smite things :D
Fudgeman- P Cowderoy moooo
Miner Matt- Actually i dont know his last name.
Trowelly - T Rowell - quite original non?
IT - Keenan of course :)
The Canadian - Quite obvious in itself .. ok, not Leena.. not Avril..
The Sheep- Not Foster, this is the female version, know only to the select few.
Tapa Taraaa T down the result of predictive text
Doofy- Soofy (aka Sophie Pad)
Rodentman Rosen- Yet again another obvious choice
ChazBaz - That pink one who has too many Barbies
Rossy / Slacker 1 - I say Emly cos i can't be bothered. MATHS BUDDY
Stevie (WonderMan) - St Eve who is STRONG lol
Danielledo / Daniel Boy Genius - Danielley Crimbo!
Desbsesesses - Frithy
Esta! - Clever girl from Nomics. Mr Skinners favourite.
Amy - Smithy. Just as she is.
(Economics Trio - Collectively they are Frithy, Smithy and Esther Wonder Child.)
Frisky Jim - The king of the townies - Mr Matthews
Birchy - Mr "Danger is my middle name. No really it is."
Charlot - Pronounced like car lot really. I like berries of the Charlotte variety.
Billiam - Bill/ William likes to say "Ahoy my HARTies" (may or may not be true)
J-Dawg/ Jirid - Straight from the far away lands of "Zeembarbway"
Nob - Pain in the Rob.
Moz - Emma's my right-hand man
Ambray- Amber, being head honcho, is Ambray, el hombre.
Slush- I can't believe i didn't put this down sooner. THat's been our thing sincE YEAR 7 since me and chantelle met at the Slush machine..
Hoskins - Another self explanatory one!
Machet - Miss H Taylor. Created in Year 10. Remembered. Forever.
Katus - It sounds rather Latin. Though Kate doesn't do that either.
EmoGay - You'd be a bit of a bint not to recognise this one
Prattman! - Na na na na na na na na PRATTMAN! 
Nobody understood who i was referring to on MYNSIL so iv written a list in order to help you guys out. Oh dear, isnt this going against my "Names have been changed in order to protect identitiy" lark? hehe screw that. Just dont sue me for libel.

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